Kleo , the dermoscope finally
available to everyone

What's it used for?

Kleo allows you to take dermatoscopic pictures, with your smartphone

Kleo helps healthcare professional to detect and identify dermal tumors

Kleo allows you to answer a one-time concerns


  • Lens

    focal optical (x10)

  • 8 LED


  • Adapted to

    all smartphones

  • And more, It is

    a French product !

Examples of pathologies

  • Naevus

    Without Kleo

    With Kleo

  • Naevus

    Without Kleo

    With Kleo


The dermatoscope is a precious tool and often essential for refining the skin lession diagnosis

Reduction of 45% in the number of dermatologists between 2015 and 2020

An average of 50 days to arrange a consultation with a dermatologist

80 000 skin cancers are detected each year in French

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