This manifesto has for objective to detail reasons why Epiderm was born and which are the values carried by this project.

Epiderm is a téléconseil medical service in dermatology which started in August, 2015 on the initiative of Dr Elisabeth Berrissoul, Mickael Lecoq and Antoine Bohuon.

A complicated demographic context

Epiderm has for vocation to facilitate the access to healthcare by proposing the getting in touch of a patient with an on-line doctor within 48 hours. The objective is for us to reduce the time of wait which stretchs out, to fill the territorial disparities and dermatologists cut in staff (-45% from the dermatologists in 2020).

The time of wait to consult a dermatologist are on average of 55 days and in certain regions they can achieve more than 3 months. The initial idea of Epiderm is to fill the vaccum which exists between the appearance of the symptoms and the appointment with the general practitioner or a specialist.

Certain patients are obliged to move in dozens of kilometers from their home to consult a dermatologist. Furthermore, the consultations can require to ask for a notice to leave the office for a ½ day. Certain patients give up the care, for lack of being able to release itself.

Epiderm allows the patients to inquire the route of care. Our dermatologists estimate the pathology and direct the patient at best at his colleagues general practitioners and\or dermatologists.

Our service is also requested by the travelers or the expatriates who wish to obtain the opinion of a healthcare professional in journey.

Epiderm, through his web site, also try to substitute itself for the present sometimes inaccurate information on the forums and the social networks.

What is our medical and ethical rigor?

We believe that a new relation between the patient and the doctor is possible by the use of our new communications tools (smartphones, tablets …). With Epiderm the exchanges are made under the form of a chat (similar to message services). The conversation with the patient is facilitated because it is asynchronous (it is not necessary for the doctor nor for the patient to be connected at the same moment) and more exhaustive because the questions can be asked during a period of 7 days. It allows a more well-balanced coverage in time.

Epiderm does not have authority to substitute himself for the consultations because only they can pronounce a diagnosis. The role of Epiderm is to answer a problem of access to healthcare and to qualify at best the symptoms of the patient to direct him in the route of care.

The Epiderm service works only with certified dermatologists , registered on the CNOM, moreover they all have a specific insurance in the practice of the téléconseil. All the data of the patients are anonymous. We are attentive to the improvement of our service by a regular follow-up of tools of statistics which allow us to know better the expectations of the patients. Our doctors exchange between them once a month to estimate the practices and the methods of work.

Our team has the experience of several projects of telemedicine and we learn every time of our experiences to improve the service and meet the expectations of patient: users and doctors.

The fact of being a small complementary team allows us to have a suppleness which allows us to test hypotheses quickly and to improve ceaselessly our service. Our method of work is directly inspired by the agile methods and by the lean start-up.

Why is this present service paying and non refunded?

We did not wish to reveal of advertising on our site which would have participated in the financing of the service. It allows to keep our independence face to announcers.

We opted for a price of service lower than a consultation because we indeed think that the service provided is different from a consultation where the patient can be physically examined and where the conversation brings another experience.

The téléconseil is a complementary exercise of advice and orientation.

Why a company and not a public service?

Our objective is to manage to improve the access to healthcare and the experience of coverage. We are convinced that a private project will spread faster than a public project because the initial constraints are not the same. We are right now opened to collaborate on any initiatives which would work in the sense of a public service if the objectives contribute well to the improvement of the experience of care.

We sincerely hope that this manifest have allowed you to know better the project and the team.

Our unique objective is to participate in the improvement of the care.

We stay at your disposal to exchange,